W3 Partnership -  30 Day Digital Integration Platform

W3 Smarter Integration Platform - Enterprise Integration capability available within 30 days! No development costs!

Enterprises are coming under increasing pressure to integrate their systems in order to improve processes, enhance the experience for end users, streamline the supply chain and help to future-proof their operations. To do this effectively they need a platform that can be up and running quickly and allow for easy integration with other systems without the need for coding.

The W3 Smarter Integration Platform (W3SIP) is a packaged solution which is available on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud. Being a packaged solution doesn’t mean that it’s restrictive in terms of adapting to your business.

  • Scalable IT architecture
  • Faster and Flexible time to production
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Faster development of new services
  • Available on site, Cloud or hybrid cloud

W3 SIP is built around either IBM API Connect or MuleSoft Anypoint Platform thus allowing for any API strategy to form part of your digital Integration needs and can be used in your existing on-premise estate, in the cloud or in a Hybrid environment.

W3 Smarter Integration Platform provides a Managed Integration Service for a client environment, with some or all of the following services:
      • Integration requirement(s) workshop
      • Integration architecture design
      • Implementation guidance
      • W3 Smarter Integration Platform with a wide variety of deployment models including cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of the two.
      • Design and development expertise for API and wider integration needs.
      • Processes and procedures specialist knowledge of Integration Platforms as well as our own intellectual property surrounding the development and deployment of patterns and re-useable assets for integration services.
      • Continuous improvement from knowledge gained on all client engagements.

Using the W3 Smarter Integration Platform helped us achieve significant time savings and cost reductions.

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W3 Smarter Integration Platform with its set of prebuilt tried and tested design documents, patterns and adapters will greatly reduce risk and also accelerate project initiations, and your overall time to market/full production; thus resulting in substantial cost savings. Further cost savings are evident as the platform enables you to quickly and efficiently bring on new services without the need for in-depth development skills

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